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iStudyReporter product family


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Our innovative iStudyReporter product family gives you regulatory standards-based reporting solutions for fully automated complex study report generation, simplifying reporting processes while increasing data security and making the reporting process altogether more efficient. You can use iStudyReporter to submit reports including graphical and statistical presentation automatically and in a matter of minutes.

iStudyReporter is an established off-the-shelf reporting solution developed together with leading pharmaceutical companies; the package seamlessly integrates into your IT environment to turn data from any laboratory data management system into complex regulatory reports via validated data transfer. You determine output formats based on your individual requirements. Eliminating time-consuming manual work, the automated laboratory process no longer ends with your report, but extends to complete document creation and submission if required.

Discover the benefits of our proven and versatile reporting family:

iStudyReporter Stability
iStudyReporter Stability is the integrated solution for seamless complex submission document generation with any stability LIMS.

iStudyReporter StabilitySAP
iStudyReporter for SAP is the additional solution for advanced preparation of complex stability documents based on SAP/QM.

iStudyReporter Bioanalytics
iStudyReporter Bioanalytic is the efficient solution for creating submission documents on bioanalytical studies based on Thermo Scientific WatsonTM LIMS.

iStudyReporter Remote Collector
iStudyReporter Remote Collector is the integrative solution for generating complex study reports from different database systems.

Referenz Boehringer Ingelheim Bioanalytic
Boehringer Ingelheim Bioanalytic

We have never implemented a software project that was as competently managed as the project we did with up to data. We were able to implement the target process so quickly because many of our specifications were already met by the -out of the box- application.

Referenz Biotest AG
Biotest AG

One of Biotests overarching goals is process optimization that expedites our development processes and keeps us out ahead of the competition. Against this backdrop, iStudyReporter Stability is an invaluable tool that enables us to fully leverage the options of our SAP system in the lab and allows for genuine end-to-end management of our stability data.

EBF 2017
15.11.2017, Barcelona